Shadow going off

Obama announced late in 2016 he’d be sticking around in Washington for at least two years so his daughter Sasha could finish high school. He has office space paid for by the General Services Administration, a perk granted to all former presidents. According to the Chicago Sun Times , Obama is the first president since Woodrow Wilson to stay at a primary residence in Washington, . after his tenure ended.

Shadow married Laura McCabe and worked with his best friend Robbie Burton at a gym called the Muscle Farm in Eagle Point , Indiana. He was arrested and imprisoned for attempting to rob the casino where Laura worked and planned on returning to his wife and job after leaving prison.

Fifty years later, Shadow was released by Dr. Eggman in order to enlist him in his plan to conquer the world. Initially, Shadow worked with him, but secretly sought to destroy the planet in order to avenge Maria, who had been killed by the military, but was persuaded to help save it from Gerald's doomsday plans. In the process, Shadow lost his memories and as such, sought to uncover the truth of his past, during which he met Black Doom and the Black Arms ; in the end, Shadow regained his memories, uncovered the truth and thwarted Black Doom's agenda and saved the world. From there, he continued his mission to protect humanity by becoming a special agent of GUN .

Shadow Going OffShadow Going OffShadow Going OffShadow Going Off