Roots enforcers shed no more tears take one

In Hawaii and California, where marijuana growing has become a booming business, helicopters have been a problem for commercial growers. Aircraft outfitted with visual or infrared equipment, dogs, and finks have all been used to seek out illicit plots. Aircraft equipment is least effective on steep slopes and where the vegetation is lush and varied. Where aircraft are a problem, growers prune marijuana to obscure its distinctive shape. The plants are difficult to detect from a distance when intercropped with bamboo, sunflowers, sugar cane, soybeans, or tall weeds (see Figure 60). Commercial growers often plant several small dispersed stands or many single plants, which are more difficult to detect and serve as insurance against total loss.

I was disgusted with the man. This, I realised, validates the law that prevents a rape victim’s identity being disclosed. I don’t know the Mumbai mill victim or the Delhi physiotherapist personally…but I do know scores of women who’ve been raped at home, by family friends, uncles even today by their husbands demanding sex as a right. Marital rape is the one reality like familial rape that never ever gets reported. Each time, a man speaks like this, I feel really sorry for his own daughter who could never ever confide in him should she ever be molested or raped. And, in that lay the failure of our society not in our legal system.

Roots Enforcers Shed No More Tears Take One