Beatstalkers left right left

Watch the video, get the download or listen to The Beatstalkers – Left Right Left for free. Left Right Left appears on the album Scotland's Beat Group.

Note from Rockingscots in 2016 - While the late Mr Frutin's account of his rock and roll years are certainly of some general interest, subsequent reports of his activities in later life bring aspects his character into question -  see obituary link at end.  

Tear Gas seem to have had a fondness for this past-time. We'd certainly never seen anyone else do it before - though of course we may have had a sheltered up bringing.  Example one - the Bobby Jones ballroom in Ayr. A fire alarm or phoned in bomb threat had resulted in thousands of dance-goers crowded outside in the main street. Looking up to the first floor dressing rooms the crowd was treated to the sight of several bare arses protruding from the windows. They got banned of course. Pleasure-ama seem to have banned every decent band at one time or another. Example two - The Ayrshire band 'Dusty Hut' are coming back from a gig in Carlisle where they'd supported Tear Gas. Half way up the A74 they are overtaken at dangerously high speed by the Tear Gas van replete with naked bums stuck up against the windows. Our Miff literally nearly died/got killed laughing! Great band. Great gigs. Cheers lads.

Beatstalkers Left Right LeftBeatstalkers Left Right LeftBeatstalkers Left Right LeftBeatstalkers Left Right Left