Various disco mix

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If you’ve grown up in Scandinavia, chances are you’ve eaten a good amount of porridge and now you either love it or hate it. Fabian is still a member of latter but I’ve made it my secret mission (shh..) to convert him to the lover’s. He’s finally fine with washing the pan where porridge have been cooking and he can make Caspian porridge (but he can barely check the temperature before giving him the bowl & spoon). I’m not sure what experiance scarred him but I can’t help but thinking that if he had grown up with any of these three breakfasts, the situation might have been different.

The sound is psychedelic, churning, hypnotic — not at all frenetic or purely electronic. Metallic klangs glide over a slowed-down afro-percussion track. A train noise over a beat is mixed continuously with a funky guitar riff and then with a synthesizer composition ( Jean-Michel Jarre ?). Flangers and equalizer effects are applied, not like the overexcited tantrums of a modern DJ, but rather methodically and with deep feeling, changing the texture of entire passages, as if we are gently passing from a radio show through a train tunnel back to a great concert hall.

Various Disco MixVarious Disco MixVarious Disco MixVarious Disco Mix